Summer Wars: Mamoru Hosoda’s great work

If you were asked "What movie do you want to see in the summer?", many of you would say Summer Wars by Mamoru Hosoda. Summer Wars is a story about a large family coming together to overcome a powerful enemy. Needless to say, Mamoru Hosoda is a great animation director who directed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children, Mirai and more. His latest work Belle has just hit theaters in Japan.

His studio is called Studio Chizu (chizu means map in Japanese), and this year is their 10th anniversary! Coincidentally, it is also the 30th anniversary of XLARGE, a pioneer of Los Angeles streetwear culture. To celebrate, they have decided to do a collaboration.

S/S Pocket Tee Summer Wars

The famous key visual is printed on this series of t-shirts. As you can see in the header picture, the flag Natsuki is holding now has an XLARGE logo! It comes in three colors: white, light blue and black.

Size: S, M, L, XL

Price: 6,050JPY (tax included)

S/S Pocket Tee Natsuki

If you are a Natsuki fan, you can’t miss this series of t-shirts too. A large print of Natuski’s empowered avatar is printed together with the XLARGE logo! This design comes in white, navy, and black.

Size: S, M, L, XL

Price: JPY6,600 (Tax included)

S/S Tee King Kazuma

This series of t-shirts features the great King Kazuma! His fighting posture is really cool. It comes in three colors: white, burgundy, and black.

Size: S, M, L, XL

Price: 6,050JPY (tax included)

S/S Tee Love Machine

Not only Natsuki and King Kazuma, Love Machine, the main antagonist in the story, has also became a fashionable tee! Colors are white, orange and black.

Size: S, M, L, XL

Price: 6,050JPY (tax included)

Summer Wars Mobile Case for iPhone11 & iPhone11 Pro

If you like the two male characters above, these iPhone cases may also interest you. The red one has a King Kazuma design, and the orange one has a Love Machine design.

Price: 3,850JPY (tax included)

XLARGE×Summer Wars Key Chain

In addition to the fashionable T-shirts and iPhone cases, these three cool key chains are also available! Will you choose your favorite character or will you buy them all?

Price: 1,650 JPY (tax included)

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By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).