On Monday, August 2nd, 2021, Japanese-American bilingual singer NANO, famous in the anime song concert scene in Japan and abroad, and renowned internationally for contributing her amazing music to Japanese anime projects, will be launching a new podcast series, conducted entirely in English, called “NANO to the WORLD.”

Hosted by NANO, and joined by guest personality and commentator Brandon Schindewolf (or “Brandon-sensei,” as his fans call him), the exciting new podcast is oriented towards international fans of Japanese entertainment content, and will mostly focus on anime, Japanese music, and culture. The podcast will be released twice monthly on Mondays at 5:00 AM (US Eastern Time).

NANO, now celebrating her tenth anniversary as a singer, came to Japan to pursue her dream of becoming a musical artist. Brandon-sensei, a rising artist manager and international promoter in the Japanese entertainment industry, came to Japan to pursue his passion for the Japanese language, history, and anime/seiyuu content. Together, the two will share their unique perspectives on current entertainment topics with fans around the world.

NANO hopes the podcast will serve as a bridge between Japan and her international fanbase.

Podcast Information

  • Name: “NANO to the WORLD”
  • Start: Monday, August 2nd, 5:00 AM (US Eastern Time)
  • New Episodes: Every other week on Mondays at 5:00 AM (US Eastern Time)
  • Cast: NANO, Brandon Schindewolf

Link to podcast: "NANO to the WORLD"

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NANO Artist Profile

Born in New York, NANO is a talented English-Japanese bilingual singer with a powerful voice. Since launching her career in 2010 posting song cover videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites, she has developed a loyal international fan base. In March 2011, her first album, "NANOir," landed in the top 10 of the Oricon Daily Rankings in Japan, a rare feat for a brand-new artist, and her third album in 2015, "Rock on." ranked 4th, cementing NANO's place in the J-Pop scene.

In March 2013, her first live concert "Remember your color." sold out 2500 tickets within the first day of ticket sales. Since then, NANO has conducted tours both in Japan and solo tours internationally. In 2015, she had her first concerts overseas in Taiwan and Germany, and in 2018, she gave an outstanding performance in her native USA, delighting a packed crowd of 2800.

NANO's original content on YouTube has over 100 million views, and her online live concert in 2020 was viewed both within Japan and in 23 nations and regions around the world. With her amazing voice that knows no borders, NANO's popularity continues to grow.


Brandon Schindewolf Artist Profile

Born in New Jersey (US), Brandon was passionate about Japanese animation, voice actors, and history since he was young. At the age of 16, a Japanese vocal track in a video game filled him with inspiration and he decided he would learn Japanese and launch his career in Japan. After graduating summa cum laude with research distinction in Japanese from The Ohio State University, he arrived in Japan in March 2011. Two years later, he was already appearing on various Japanese TV and radio shows. Then, in 2018, he achieved one of his major goals of joining the entertainment industry. He joined the major Japanese agency HoriPro International where he became one of the first non-Japanese artist managers.

In 2021, he joined the contents planning company ISARIBI Inc., and currently works with multiple talent agencies, overseas events, and anime production committees to promote voice actors, musical artists, and anime content worldwide. Moreover, he also conducts interviews, hosts programs, and interprets for various events and programs in Japan and internationally.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.