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(Interview Date: July 2021)

Haru, the star of Fuji TV’s Monday night drama series, ‘Night Doctor’ talks in depth about her thoughts on the medical drama.

Q: What are your thoughts on appearing in "Night Doctor"?

I thought the script was so exciting. I got the impression that various doctors were active on site, and I felt honored to be able to play the role of Mitsuki Asakura among them. Since the story deals with precious life, I knew I had to brace myself for the big challenge.

Q: What kinds of elements did you consider for the role?

It's a very challenging one. Isn't it hard to become a doctor? It's not a job that just anyone can get into. After graduating from high school, you must study at a university for another six years! So, I think that the life and the surrounding environment for a medical student is a little more unique compared to that of a normal university student. In addition, there are pains and conflicts that every doctor will experience, like the death of a patient. I think it’s important to continuously face up to these conceptions for when playing Mitsuki.

She’s attained the ability to switch her emotions and conflicts quickly over the course of her career. Also, I want her to be seen as someone with a warm heart, and not a workaholic or a cold-hearted person.

Q: What are your impressions of everyone who all pursue their careers along with Mitsuki? Also, how do you feel about the role of Kei Tanaka?

I first worked with Kei about 10 years ago. I was only about 20, and he was about the same age as I am now. I realized that a lot can happen in the 10 years since then. He’s very mature, and actively communicates with his younger co-stars, and I think he is very observant of his surroundings. He is also very caring and dexterous in a good way. Also, very cheerful and makes the atmosphere on-location a relaxed one.

Q: How about Yuta Kishi?

My first impression of him was that he was very quiet and reserved. I wondered if whether he was nervous. I haven’t been able talk to him that much because I also play a doctor with a lot of challenging lines, but after getting to know him bit by bit, my initial impressions have changed, and he seems like someone who is very friendly.

Q: What about Takumi Kitamura?

How do I put it? He’s very at his own pace (lol). I originally had thought that both him and Yuta were about the same age. Then, I was surprised to find out that Yuta was older than Takumi. They seem very reserved and mature in the way they are. Takumi doesn't show much emotion, so he has a cool or rather a mysterious atmosphere. I often see him and Yuta talking about music, so I have been able to catch him with an aura of a music artist too.

Q: How about Sae Okazaki?

She’s very easy to talk too. I often feel somewhat nervous when I’m with someone older than myself, but it doesn’t feel that way and we were able to talk about many things from the first day we met on set. We used to do some modelling for the same magazine even though at different times, so we have a lot in common, and we often chat during our free times.

Q: Finally, do you have a message for our viewers?

Although the story is set in a hospital, I hope we are portraying not only the work, but also the human relationships that exist there and how each person deals with the importance of ‘life’ itself. I know that there are many medical professionals who are going through a hard time right now, and many who have painful memories linked with hospitals.

For people who are in such a difficult situation, I hope we are putting out a message that will help them move forward, giving them an encouraging leap for a more brighter future.


Exclusive Interview with Haru from “Night Doctor”
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