As an iconic symbol of Japan's natural beauty and UNESCO World Heritage site, it's easy to understand why many photographers in Japan fill their portfolios with so many shots of Mt. Fuji. The iconic mountain provides a seemingly endless number of breathtaking shots throughout the seasons and from any angle.

Takabocchi Highlands, located in eastern part of Shiojiri City in Nagano Prefecture, is one such spot. The vista in Takabocchi Highlands is particularly well known as an ideal location to photograph Mt. Fuji from far away, letting it serve as a powerful backdrop to the already gorgeous local scenery.

Recently, talented Japanese photographer bee (@bee_tk_) may have just set the bar photos snapped at Takabocchi Highlands. They recently shared this majestic shot of Mt. Fuji that shows it looming in the distance, but also appearing as if it is majestically floating on a sea of clouds above the brightly lit city and water below.

"Mt. Fuji, which watches over the city from above the clouds."

Source: @bee_tk_

The photo truly gives off a sense of scale, with Mt. Fuji appearing so imposing and central despite being so far away. The almost otherworld quality of it has been turning heads and dropping jaws of many on Twitter.

Of course, this isn't the first beautiful shot of Mt. Fuji that bee has taken. You can follow on Twitter and Instagram for even more gorgeous photography of Japan.

By - Big Neko.