Face masks have always been popular in Japan, and the coronavirus has made them indispensable. Now that the summer is upon us, our face masks tend to absorb sweat. With Maho's new Mask Mist you can freshen up your face mask with a single shot of plant-derived alcohol and refreshing menthol.

Mask Mist extends the life expectancy of face masks, so it makes sense for your wallet as well as your conscience. You can use it on your hands too, for it is 66% alcohol, so it acts as a sanitiser. It has the same weak acidity as your skin and contains hyaluronic acid, fulvic acid, and glycerin, which moisturise and gently protect the fingers. Better yet, it's not sticky!

Mask Mist can also be used when you want to expel irksome odours from other cherished day to day personal items. Envelop any object that gives cause for concern - doorknobs, buttons, zips - in a misty spray of Mask Mist and feel unblemished once more.

Mask Mist eliminates the smell of sweat, and we all know what that means! No need to worry about strange looks from work colleagues or passers-by. With the Maho Mask Mist, you can rest easy and relax, knowing that hygiene is more than a feeling and that truly new is not an illusion.

With a compact size of just 3 cm in diameter and 15 cm in length, a can of Maho Mist won't get in the way even if you put it in your handbag.

Mask Mist is produced by HMC (Hair Message), a trading company that distributes products to beauty salons in Tokyo and Osaka. Maho is its range of hair care products and is known for its delightful citrus aroma. Mask Mist uses the same aroma.

"We develop products based on the knowledge and know-how about products cultivated in the dealer business and the voices of customers at beauty salons," said an HMC (Hair Message) spokesperson.

Maho Mask Mist caused quite a stir among the test audience. "I like the refreshing scent," Tweeted one fan. "It's a good balance of citrus and menthol."

"My face feels kind of stuffy when I wear a face mask," opined another, "but with a quick squirt of Maho Mask Mist, I can get spiritual refreshment in an instant."

"This mist is really nice when it's hot and I feel stressed," chirruped a delighted third party. "It's a slim bottle and has a fashionable design. I carry it every day!!!"

A 66ml can of Maho Mask Mist costs 2,000 yen (tax included). For more information about this much-heralded innovation in facial hygiene, see here.

By - George Lloyd.