“This is too cool. It also looks romantic, too.”

“It’s like a scene from a video game, like where the lair of the last boss is.”

“It is so astonishing. I never knew Fukui could look so cool like somewhere overseas.”

Those are some of the comments left by those surprised by a photograph posted by talented Japanese photographer Maeyama (@xxakaxxv ).

Take a look at this photo that created a viral response on the internet.

Source: @xxakaxxv

This is a spot in Hokojima (Hoko island) off the Echizen coast in Fukui prefecture.

The rock mountain standing majestically is shining in red-purple color, as it reflects the sunlight. It is as if you are watching a scene from a fantasy movie.

From the locals, there are comments such as; “I’ve always lived in Fukui, but never knew such a spot existed.” “It is also a fantastic view in the daytime, too”.

This is definitely a spot you can run through your imagination as you walk through the trail. This romantic photo surely stole many people’s hearts!

By - Mugi.