On July 16th, the Kantou Koshin and Tohoku regions in Japan announced an official end to the rainy season, and the beginning of the summer.

And this also means the end of the season for Teru-Teru bozu, a Japanese traditional handmade doll thought to work as a charm to stop the rain.

Teru-Teru Bozu are typically seen on a rainy day, but there are also those that are perfect even for a sunny day!

Take a look at these photos of these rare and special Teru-Teru bozu that Japanese photographer Yukari Mitsutani(@mitsuyuka_lp) took and recently shared. They will literally brighten your day!

At first glance, they look like wind chimes but in fact, they are all Teru-Teru bozu!

“These would blow the rain clouds away in an instant” “They look like wind chimes” “So cute” were some of the comments praising the photo Mitsutani took.

These colorful Teru-Teru bozu are so visually cooling, and look particularly great on the sunny day in summer they were photographed!

By the way, apparently the rain season ended earlier than usual this year in 2021. Maybe, these colorful Teru-Teru bozu had something to do with it…!

By - Mugi.