Despite summer being in full swing and the Olympics just around the corner, many residents in Japan and abroad are spending a lot of time at home. Furthermore, it remains uncertain whether typical activities such as festivals and fireworks will be held this year.

That said, surely everyone needs a break from remote work and some taste of summer. Sure enough, there are several ways to change the mood and shake things up a bit for those gritting their teeth through cabin fever. With a tip of the cap to Marie Kondo, here are a few ways to clear your mind if you feel forced to stay in:

Cleaning and organizing

When one’s living space is full of various things, it can make some feel uncomfortable. An easy suggestion is to spend some time organizing and cleaning to make time spent at home feel less "cluttered." By identifying and processing "what you really need" and "what you don't," you can get a chance to review your outlook on life and what is important to you. Perhaps, living a bit lighter can help you cultivate a happier, more relaxed mood.


"I often feel irritable or uncomfortable..." If such a complaint sounds familiar, meditation may be effective. Meditation is thought to help create a calm temperament while increasing focus and concentration. If nothing else, it can help you alleviate stress and negative feelings without leaving the house. Furthermore, the act of quietly reflecting will help you clear your mind so that you can be productive throughout the remainder of your day.

Changing your interior

A new landscape and visual appeal can do wonders for relieving boredom and a sense of cabin fever. If you spend a lot of time in the same space every day, a few changes to your interior might be worth your while. In terms of your mood, it can also be effective to change the color scheme, especially by incorporating brighter, cheerier shades.

Fireworks at home

In May 2021, Twitter user Kimidori (@ kimidori41) moved to a house that had been renovated per her design. When she posted a photo while taking a break at the kitchen counter one night, many followers reacted:

"At the kitchen counter, I was sitting on a stool, with only a few lights on, and drinking roasted green tea in a mug. I realized that the light reflected in the mug looked like fireworks in the night school. I feel like I chose the right lights..."

Beautiful fireworks floating in a mug! For a moment, Kimidori even wondered if there was a fireworks festival going on outside. Of course, she soon realized it was just the lights in her room. She posted another picture online:

"I was stressed out one day, and I bought a lot of beer on the way home. Upon returning, however, I was thrilled to see my LED light bulbs had arrived. They are so cute; they soothe my soul. When I have time, I'll attach a brass shade."

Naturally, Kimidori’s followers found her photos striking. They reacted:

  • "It's beautiful...This is really cool to look at! Thank you!”
  • “You can have an amazing tea time.”
  • “It’s cool! More beautiful than real fireworks...”

Even if summer festivals and activities are canceled this year, there are ways to enjoy summer at home. Why not give it a shot yourself.

By - Luke Mahoney.