Banana-based snacks may not be the first thing the comes to mind when searching for something refreshing during summer. However, take a look online and you may be surprised by the number of people praising a new product perfect for summertime. Agrevo Health Foods is gaining traction with its cool and rich Kami Banana Cheesecake. Kami is Japanese for "god," and the dessert naturally looks divine. Take a look at Twitter to see for yourself:

"Kami banana cheesecake. Chef Murota from the restaurant Rachuure uses lots of domestic pesticide-free bananas that can be eaten peel and all for this dessert. It has a mellow scent of bananas."

“My birthday cake from my lovely daughter. It's so delicious. I love it! Thank you for the kami banana cheesecake."

"It's so cute… I found a kami banana cheesecake! ”

“I tried the kami banana cheesecake. It’s rich and delicious! The bananas used to make it are amazing.”

“Oh my god, kami banana cheesecake…”

As you can see, this banana cheesecake incorporates the highest-quality domestic bananas. It is also very healthy and made with as few additives as possible. So consumers need not worry about being decadent when reaching for a bite.

Currently, Agrevo is running a special sales campaign, so now is the time to grab the snack at a discount rate.

Summer gift campaign (link)

Includes three kami banana cheesecakes for 9800 JPY with free shipping (typically the price is 12950 JPY with shipping and handling).

Indeed, the discount price is over 3000 JPY cheaper than usual. As such, these cakes make a perfect gift to share with your family or loved ones.

Cool banana smoothies

If god cakes weren't enough, banana enthusiasts have other options at their disposal this summer season. In a recent press release,Butter No Itoko announced its release of their 90 Banana Smoothie. The sweet and refreshing drink is made with non-fat milk in cooperation with the sweets company Chus and cafe Shinrin no Bokujo. This smoothie, which comes in an adorable package, is made using a whole Tanabe Farm Banana cultivated using organic fertilizer in Ecuador. Overall, the beverage is surprisingly rich with a delectable texture. As such, it is the perfect refreshment for both children and adults.

90 Banana smoothie

810 JPY

The 90 in 90 Banana Smoothies

The 90 of 90 Banana Smoothies refers to the percentage of non-fat milk used in the process of making butter. In fact, butter can only be made using certain types of milk. Unused portions of non-fat milk, which is not included in butter, are usually processed into powdered milk and sold at a low price.

However, it's not always clear that this is the best use of this leftover product which is still of high quality. The 90 banana smoothie looks to make better use of this product by incorporating it into a popular and delicious new beverage. But is it really worth it? Why not find out for yourself.

You can pick one up at the Butter no Itoko Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Store (Samantha Global Island) and the Butter no Itoko x Samantha Thavasa Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Store.

By - Luke Mahoney.