Cat lover and Japanese Twitter user @NEKOLAND13 lives with his two beloved cats. Recently, he witnessed a hilarious moment involving one of his cats, Emma-chan

One day, the owner brought home a brand new mosquito repellent container. The container was pig shaped, a retro style container used in the past in Japan. Nowadays, it’s become a rare sight to see a mosquito repellent container like this. But it is still a reliable and strong asset during the summer season to keep the mosquitos away.

Emma-chan must have been curious about this new object, and approached it. The owner took out the metal wire inside just in case, and kept monitoring the cat to see what she’d do...

Who would have thought? Emma-chan decided to wear the pig “armor”!

The pig shaped container looks almost like samurai armor with her wearing it on her head.

Emma-chan’s owner also posted a whole video of Emma-chan getting into the container on YouTube. From what we see in the video, it is also possible that Emma-chan thought it was a new cat house for her.

By - Mugi.