It seems every year that passes, yoga and meditation become more mainstream in the West. The same is true of Japan, although some may be surprised by how uncommon, say, meditation is across the population at large.

And given recent history, it's easy to guess that many are choosing to engage in these practices more often than not from home—I know that's how I've personally kept my sanity throughout much of the pandemic. Nevertheless, because I'm still so lazy, preparation and clean up remain a chore. I imagine I'm not the only one who feels that way:

“I use a yoga mat when stretching at home, and it's so annoying taking it out and putting it away. Lol. But it’s necessary to use one otherwise you can hurt your back….And if I leave it out, it will get in the way...”

"Maybe because my son got up very early today to go to kindergarten, and when he came back, he went to bed as soon as possible. I usually train on his “nap mat” that he is currently sleeping on. Yes, I’m a lazy housewife who can’t be bothered to put away her yoga mat.”

“I want to leave my yoga mat out because it's so annoying to put away. I was worried that it was just me who is so lazy, but I was relieved to find out others feel the same.”

Yoga mats for home design

Well, it seems manufacturers listened—there is finally a yoga mat solution for those who are too tired after an intense stretch session to be bothered with tidying up. Recently, Spice Co started selling their SENSE Yoga Mat available in six different patterns designed to accent any interior style. They can be incorporated comfortably into any room, so users can still exercise at their convenience without the added burden of clearing space and cleaning up. Users can even lay the mat in the living room and stretch while watching TV.

SENSE Yoga Mat

Retail price: 3,500 JPY

The mat is lightweight, only six mm wide, making it one of the easiest to use on the market. Its surface is also glossy, so dust and debris do not easily stick to it even while laid out. As such, it continually feels soothing to the touch and never feels dirty.

Nevertheless, when it is time for housecleaning, the cushioning material can easily be wiped, removing dirt or sweat after a particularly intense session. While being largely hassle-free to keep clean, its cool design makes it a joy to use and keep in any room. Certainly, this kind of mat will positively effect workout routines and overall health.

Interested readers can learn more here or purchase the mat on the company’s website.

Another cool yoga mat

Other companies are innovating with their yoga products differently. For example, the above-pictured eco-friendly Life Activation mat is the product of a collaboration with artist Shinichirou Inui and the wellness company Janis. The mat is made of natural rubber, which is environmentally friendly and naturally decomposable, and synthetic suede which is extremely soft to the touch. The printing process for the mat does not use water, so it does not produce sewage and does not require a dryer. It is made via an Earth-friendly transfer print that involves minimal emissions.

Interested shoppers can find the mat available on the company’s webiste. Why not check it out for yourself?

By - Luke Mahoney.