Readers who pay close attention to the news may recall recent interesting headlines from the US. Several outlets covered a case made by a team of scientists to the United States Congress to release documentation surrounding supposed UFO sightings. At any other point in recent history, such headlines would be absurd. However, it seems anything is possible these days…

That said, while I personally have many questions, a little stargazing and fanciful thinking never did any harm, did it? Regardless, those who "want to believe" may have noticed some eye-popping photos floating around on Twitter of late. As recent as May, user Tomosaki (@photono_gen) noticed strange lights in the distant night sky. Camera ready, the photographer snapped a few shots and shared the result online:

"Hey!! The sky in Fukui is incredible now! There are dozens of falling stars!! It's like that famous anime "Your Name," and it looks amazing!! Look at the sky, everyone!!! I heard these are called ‘light pillars!!'"

Actually, this mysterious phenomenon is called "fishing light pillars" (漁火光柱 in Japanese). The description refers to when ice crystals in the blustery air reflect a fishing boat's light. In so doing, they create such a mysterious illumination. The phenomenon is quite rare because it requires several conditions to be just right.

The photos Tomosaki captured seemingly occurred during such conditions. The interplay of auspicious weather and the city lights may have caused the fantastic night sky illumination. Either way, it is a sight to behold. It also helps you remember that there is a delicate interplay between humans and nature that is constantly occurring around us.

Tomosaki’s followers reacted to this post:

  • “It’s like an angel’s arrow!”
  • “What’s going on?!”
  • “This is amazing! Thank you”
  • “It's so beautiful... !! I was actually born in Fukui, but I can’t believe that such a beautiful thing happens in my home town.”
  • “If you saw this is person, you might think it is a UFO...”

Other striking photographs

As it turns out, Tomosaki has quite the eye for nature and natural phenomena in general. The photographer was the creator of several captivating posts:

"Time Travel."

It’s like a scene from My Neighbor Totoro or some other nostalgic movie. Indeed, it inspires various thoughts and emotions, and seems like something that could only be found in Japan. Tomosaki’s users responded:

  • “I love this place. Really, it stirs my imagination,”
  • “Oh it’s so nostalgic… I’m crying… I love it.”
  • “Where is this? It seems like something from a Studio Ghibli movie.”
  • “This picture is mysterious.”
  • “It’s like something out of a story book.”

Tomosaki also posted another:

"Don't go in there, it's the rule of the countryside."

The countryside of Japan is becoming more and more depopulated, and the number of people is steadily decreasing. You can feel a quiet and mysterious atmosphere from this photo. Many were touched:

  • “I want to follow the secret rule...”
  • “It is a rule that even locals follow. But when you were little, you’d enter without worrying about anything. Lol. It's like a secret place, and it's fun."
  • “I feel like the god of the forest lives there.”

If these posts captured your imagination, you can find many more on Tomosaki’s Twitter page. Check it out.

By - Luke Mahoney.