It can sometimes be quite the ordeal to get cats to cooperate and use the toys and beds we buy them (with our feline friends sometimes preferring the boxes they come in to the actual gifts), but when things work out, they definitely have some creative pet beds to choose from. Just in recent years, we've seen pet beds that turn cats into adorable instant noodle cups, fruit tarts, and even traditional Japanese sweets.

Twitter user and cat lover @goma_tetsuro may have just set the bar for adorably delicious-looking pet beds, however, as they recently shared photos of their cat's very specific cushion. The bed is inspired by a cat-shaped Maritozzo, a cream filled Roman dessert that has been booming in popularity in Japan lately.

Sandwiched in between the cat-shaped buns, people on Twitter have dubbed the cat-stuffed cushion the "Nekotozzo" ("Neko" meaning "cat" in Japanese):

Source: @goma_tetsuro

Source: @goma_tetsuro

While you can't eat this Nekotozzo, it definitely looks like Tetsuro-chan, one of goma_tetsuro's three cats, finds the cushion and soft as the real dessert!

By - Big Neko.