Pigeons don't exactly have the most photogenic reputation of the bird kingdom. Fair or not, they don't seem to be viewed with quite the grace that some of their other feathered friends are.

Japanese Twitter user Ukiyo Yume (@ukiyoyumezo) seems to have found an exception, however. Ukiyo recently made a visit to the Shirotori Garden in Nagoya, where they had the rare opportunity to photograph a "cool pigeon" that has commenters comparing it to everything from a video game boss to a guardian deity.

Source: @ukiyoyumezo

Ukiyo told us that they had been making one of their routine visits to the garden, and developed an interest in photographing birds and animals through the anime "Kemono Friends". The pigeon showed up when Ukiyo spilled some food they had been feeding carp. Ukiyo wasn't aware they had snapped a photo of the bird until they got home and began sorting through their pictures, but was pleasantly surprised to find the photo of the epically posed pigeon that's impressed many on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.