When you think of married couples, what comes to mind?

Lying on the sofa together late at night watching Netflix and eating ice cream?

Or maybe more accurately the wife finally has a hankering for that ice cream she bought a week ago. She can’t find it anywhere in the freezer so she calls out to her husband, "Did you eat the Ben & Jerry’s?" only for radio silence from the other room, knowing that he must have secretly eaten it all.

Yes, even married couples in the healthiest of relationships fight.

And no matter how trivial the issue is, small complaints can build up until you fly into a rage, perhaps leaving the other wondering what the real issue is.

My husband never unfolds his socks properly when he throws them in the washing machine.

That’s what Natsumi Taguchi (@NatsuTagu) thought when her husband left his socks all scrunched up on the floor.

Natsumi said to herself, "I want to warn my husband in a way that is as non-confrontational as possible," and got a great idea.

Natsumi came up with a solution so that neither of them would get upset:

Ms. Taguchi decorated a Japanese handheld fan (called an uchiwa 団扇) to say "Unroll your socks" in large letters and hearts so her husband wouldn’t misunderstand her good intentions.

Decorated with glittery letters and hearts, it looks like a cheering fan used at idol concerts in Japan.

Fast&Slow | © PIXTA

Although it doesn’t say "Look at me!" or "Touch my hand" the intention is still the same.

Rather than Taguchi’s husband rolling his eyes when she asks him to unroll his socks, he might smile or even laugh when he comes home and finds the fan on the floor.

Twitter User Reactions

Taguchi's post has gotten over 170K likes and has been retweeted more than 31,000 times so it seems like people can relate to her situation.

Users got a kick out of her creative solution, saying "I want to try this out at home!"

It certainly has potential to be used in a variety of situations.

I can just imagine coming home to a house full of fans saying things like "Clean up your hair after you take a shower" or by the sink next to my dirty dishes… well you get the idea right?

Natsumi Taguchi, the artist

Besides being a creative problem-solver, Ms. Taguchi also makes a variety of art like embroidery and paintings.

For more cool artwork check out her Twitter and her Instagram.

By - Mujo.