Not only does this year mark the skateboarding debut for the summer olympics, but with Japan winning gold medals the sport is attracting a lot of attention nationwide.
As an activity that can be enjoyed whilst avoiding the Three C’s (Closed Spaces, Crowded Places and Close-contact Settings), skateboard parks have begun to open in various parts of Japan, as the sport gains a strong foothold amongst the younger generations. However, despite this, a large majority of residents still see the sport in a negative way, viewing skateboarders as ‘scary’, ‘a nuisance’ and ‘anti-social’.
It’s this stereotyping that skateboarder and YouTuber, SHIMON, is trying to flip on its head through both his YouTube channel and his book ‘Skateboarding gave me a purpose, and it has so much more to offer the World’.

The new book, which was released on the 28th of July 2021, talks about the far-reaching charm and future possibilities of the sport, as well as touches upon the negative misunderstandings of skateboarding and how the new generation of skateboarders can challenge the stereotypes associated with their sport.
Skateboarding gave me a purpose, and it has so much more to offer the World’ is available as both a paperback book and as a digital e-book via Kindle.

Half Japanese, half Czech, SHIMON always struggled to blend in with his immediate environment growing up, and always felt like an outsider no matter where he was. But through skateboarding, SHIMON was able to find something that made him feel like he could belong to freely regardless of his ethnicity.
SHIMON was born in Osaka, but was raised across Hungary, Germany and Japan. He graduated from Chuo University’s Faculty of Commerce. His YouTube channel, ‘MDA skater’, is packed with skateboarding related videos such as how-to’s for beginners, the fun of skateboarding, the culture and history behind skateboarding as well as casual videos showing the free and peaceful lifestyles of skateboarders.
Alongside his YouTube channel, SHIMON operates his original skateboarding apparel brand ‘SHIMON’, and runs the ‘Skate Aid Project’ which aims to support the people of developing countries through the power of skateboarding.

Through his new book, SHIMON hopes to knock down misconceptions of skateboarders and skateboard culture. It questions the potential of skateboarding as a sport that can be enjoyed by, and enrich the lives of, everyone regardless of race, age or gender. Additionally, the book includes technical tips and pointers to help improve board skills, how to use the sport to make connections and friends, how to enjoy skateboarding alone, and how the whole world can become your own personal playground through skateboarding.

’Skateboarding gave me a purpose, and it has so much more to offer the World’ is available to purchase via Amazon or Seven Net. People who purchase through Seven Net will receive an original SHIMON design sticker as a special thanks.

Amazon: 1650 yen
Kindle (via Amazon): 1540 yen
Seven Net (includes privilege design sticker): 1650

By - Connie Sceaphierde.