Slasher icon Jason Voorhees has not had a great recent run. We're not talking about the state of the Friday the 13th franchise either. The Camp Crystal Lake killer, like many, has had to put off his normally scheduled activities (in this case, killing sprees) due to multiple State of Emergencies announced in Japan.

Last March, the horror legend held a press conference to announce that scheduled Friday the 13th festivities were canceled due to the overwhelming circumstances.

Despite the setbacks, Jason decided to adapt to the situation, advocating for proper masking, social distance protocol, and disinfecting weapons, as talented Japanese action figure photographer Suekichi (@suekichiii) informed us.

But alas, despite hoping to hold it while practicing safety protocol and pandemic countermeasures, he once again had to cancel the event, and instead spent Friday the 13th alone at home as wife Sadako and son Chucky tried to lift his spirits. Pennywise the Dancing Clown was particularly sullen as he noticed Jason's announcement of festivities was slower than usual.

Despite the killer's strange adherence to ordinances during these difficult times, Suekichi has provided an update on Jason's summer plans. It seems the hockey mask wearing slasher may be breaking away from his sudden interest in safety with a Tweet showing Jason relaxing and pondering if it's time to pick up the axe again.

"Everyone has their eyes on the Olympics, so they probably haven't noticed this month the 13th is a Friday..."

Source: @suekichiii

So it looks like Suekichi might have a non-cancellation update in store for the hilarious Jason saga he's created to look forward to. The only problem, of course, is that Jason and his horror family seem to be so wrapped up in watching the games that they too may forget next Friday!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.