Bubble tea is a common beverage choice for fans of kawaii culture, but thanks to collaborations with famous characters, boba can get even cuter.

Previously fans of bubble tea in Japan have been treated to Moomin-inspired versions and even Pokemon boba collaborations.

A boba stand in Japan called ‘Xie Xie Pearl’ already teamed up with San-X earlier this year for various springtime treats, and now they have released another joint effort for summer.

There’s four limited time only drinks hitting the menu, and each one is inspired by a different character, with a fruity theme. The Rilakkuma option is a juicy strawberry annin dofu milk flavour and squishy tapioca pearls.

Korilakkuma is represented by a peach flavoured jasmine tea with pink jelly.

Kiiroitori has a ‘Jewel Jasmine Tea’ with passionfruit syrup and passionfruit seeds.

Lastly, fans of Chairoikoguma can go for an apple pie inspired beverage, topped with butter cookie pieces and a rich caramel sauce.

Each drink costs 756 yen each and has an adorable cup design featuring the character the drink represents.

There is also some original merchandise on offer to commemorate the collaboration including mirrors, tote bags and stickers.

This super cute campaign is running until 23rd August 2021 at participating branches of Xie Xie Pearl.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.