Souvenir sweets are big business in Japan and some them are particularly creative. With tasty examples like Mount Fuji Kit Kats or koi pond wagashi, there’s loads of inventive ways to portray a tourist attraction in food form.

As the largest freshwater lake in Japan, Lake Biwa, located in Shiga prefecture, is one attraction you might want to visit while in the country. The confectioners at Tomoe, a traditional sweet shop located nearby, have come up with the perfect way to represent the beautiful natural landmark.

The ‘Drop of Lake Biwa’ jelly looks just like its name suggests. This attractive sweet is a refreshing ramune flavour, which is a nod to Japan’s summer in itself, as a favourite soft drink of the season. The colour has been achieved through the inclusion of a herb called ‘butterfly pea’, which was grown locally in Shiga prefecture.

There’s even some extra details inside the jelly to give that lake effect, with a little fish made of yokan and some white stones made of milk kanten.

The packaging is just as pretty as the sweet itself.

Not only will this treat be available at the shop located in Takashima city, but also via Tomoe’s online shop costing 324 yen for a single jelly or 2150 yen as part of their summer gift set.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.