Japan's capsule toy machines are filled with figures and accessories of just about every niche you can think of, but maker Kitan Club has quite the resume of very specific capsule goodies. In the past they've released capsule toys of shiba inu sticking their heads through walls, cats sliding out of retro matchboxes, and even rice ball rings you can use to propose.

Their latest release shows no bucking of that trend, this time turning the spotlight on the sea with a lineup of capsule toys that show off the adorable "smiling" underbellies of rays.

The lineup includes five types of rays (including himono, a dried ray dish enjoyed in Japan) that focus on the underrated "kawaii" aspect rays have due to the appearance of a smile their nostrils and mouth form when viewed from below.

Baby ray


Flapnose Ray

Spotted eagle ray

Dried ray (food)

The smiling ray figures are currently available at Kitan Club capsule toy machines throughout Japan, priced at 300 yen a try.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.