• I can feel the grandfather’s kindness even through the screen.
  • Grandpa is too cute!
  • What a perfect picture!

These are the kinds of comments that Twitter user noa (@9wNoa) received when one of her posts went viral.

(@9wNoa) is a doctor who has returned to full-time work after giving birth to her daughter a little over a year ago.

With a Little Help from Grandpa

It’s common to see Japanese parents carrying around their baby piggyback or strapped to their stomachs, but you don’t often see grandparents doing the same.

So (@9wNoa)’s father found himself in a pickle when he decided to carry his granddaughter around on his back.

He must have lied down for a bit, only to hear his granddaughter breathing as she slept peacefully, and was at a loss as to what to do.

So this happened…

He didn’t want to wake her up, so he just lied down on his stomach for a bit and they took a little nap together.

More than 182K people have been touched by grandpa’s kindness, liking (@9wNoa)’s post, and more than 23K users have retweeted the special moment.

This is certainly a photo for the family album.

His granddaughter will smile someday when she sees it, recognizing her grandfather has always loved her.

By - Mujo.