Japanese brands are a treasure trove of quirky and eccentric, but weirdly cute and stylish items. We’ve been introduced to oddities like fried shrimp umbrellas and uber realistic owl clocks, and we didn’t know we needed them until we saw them.

One unexpected product which would actually be a super cute addition to any room is this plush croissant-shaped cushion seat. It comes from variety store Village Vanguard, which is known for their stock of strange and interesting items.

It can be used on the floor, and it is made of extra soft material.

It can also be put on a chair to add extra comfort and cuteness.

It’s quite a roomy pastry as the dimensions are 70 x 26 x 60 cm.

Although a croissant cushion seat seems like an eccentric choice, due to the neutral colours it actually looks pretty chic.

Whether you’re a super fan of French pastries and want to show that through your interior design, or if you just think this cushion looks comfy as heck, it can currently be preordered on the Village Vanguard online shop. It costs 4,400 yen and will be sent out around mid-September 2021.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.