To fans of iconic survival horror video game franchise Resident Evil, there is no better sight for sore eyes after a day of battling T-virus mutations than that of a well-placed healing herb. When the ghouls of Raccoon City take one too many bites out of you, nothing helps set you right like mixing a batch of herbs together to restore your health and continue the fight.

Now to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of the series, Capcom is delivering those herbs to fans in the real world as well with Resident Evil Green Herbs and Red Herbs bath salts!

The bath salts are modeled after the Green Herbs, known for their health restorative properties in game, and Red Herbs, which are used as a vital mixing agent when crafting bigger and better healing herbs. Capcom recommends mixing the two together for a truly soothing bath to fill your health bar.

They even come branded with the logo of the nefarious Umbrella Corporation.

The celebration also comes along with Umbrella stationery pads and pens, which resemble some of the informative and ominous notes you find left over from various Umbrella Corporation staff, who often leave you useful passcode information or detail their grim demise.

All anniversary items are currently available to order from Capcom's online store, as well as at their Capcom stores located in Tokyo and Osaka.

By - Big Neko.