In May 2021, popular kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) chain restaurant Kappa Sushi announced a move to break away from “chain quality” sushi in an effort to provide more delicious food to their customers. This included an upgrade of their soy sauce and wasabi quality, going back to the basics of sushi, and also by using only the Haenuki brand rice from Yamagata prefecture, a first for katitenzushi chains in Japan.

As a third promotional event in their “Delicious! SUPER Founder's Festival 2021”, they are continuing that move by offering O-toro (fatty tuna) sushi for just 110 yen per piece!

In a previous event where fatty tuna sushi was offered at 110 yen a piece, they received much positive feedback from customers for being able to enjoy the rare high quality sushi for as many plates as they would like at such a good price. Now Kappa Sushi locations throughout the country are reviving the popular event for a limited time only, celebrating the Obon festival period (August 11th-15th) in Japan.

Kappa zushi keeps their Tuna at -50 Celsius to retain its freshness. The tuna will be sliced carefully into each piece only at the time of serving. Combined with their brand name “Haenuki” rice, the umami of fatty Toro creates great harmony in flavor. O-toro cravings are a pretty hard itch to scratch, so order to your heart’s content.

By - Mugi.