Most anime-themed cafes are concentrated in and around Tokyo, but some are as far out as you can get.

Last month, a cafe opened in Miyakojima, an Okinawan island, inspired by comedy anime Polar Bear Cafe. It was previously based in Tokyo’s Takadanobaba, but has moved to sunnier shores, and the owners hope it will become a brand new tourist spot to visit. The anime is about a group of friends consisting of a Panda, a Polar Bear and a Penguin, who all hang out in the idyllic cafe that Polar Bear owns and runs.

The menu has dishes featuring the recurring animal characters of the series, such as a ‘Polar Bear Yokubari Plate’ (1600 yen).

The cute Panda stars in a hayashi rice option (1400 yen).

And Polar Bear’s gruff friend Grizzly can be found in a Katsu curry sandwich (1600 yen).

Rather than base the interior faithfully on Polar Bear’s cafe in the anime itself, this eatery takes cues from the local scenery with brightly coloured tiling and even a little indoor beach.

In the evening, the cafe becomes a bar and fans can order alcohol on the side with their cute character-featuring food.

There’s also various Polar Bear Cafe goods on offer for fans to commemorate their trip with.

Check out the cafe’s website to peep the full menu, plus information about access and opening hours!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.