When riding public transportation in Japan, it’s common courtesy to keep to oneself and not inconvenience other passengers.

However, we still end up interacting with a variety of strangers, especially for those of us who ride trains or buses regularly.

Illustrator Takenoko Scarf たけのこスカーフ (@takesuka) shared a story on Twitter of when she used to commute by train.

That day she was heading home when she fell asleep on the train.

A high school student who was getting off at the same station mumbled to himself in the seat next to her.

"Ooh! I’m already at _____ Station! "

The student didn’t talk to Takenoko Scarf, but did say the name of the station in an unnaturally loud voice.

She woke up, startled by the high schooler’s line and was able to get off at her stop.

"As I walked down the platform of the unmanned station with only one train an hour, I noticed the kindness of a student ahead of me who turned around to make sure I’d gotten off the train." -たけのこスカーフ (@takesuka) July 30, 2021

The high school student must have recognized Takenoko Scarf and wanted to help her get off at her station.

Since the station only has one train an hour, it would have been quite the hassle if she’d missed her stop!

She says she still remembers the incident fondly.

The illustrator's story has generated a lot of interest on Twitter, receiving over 66K Likes and Retweeted more than 11K times in less than a week!

It’s uncommon for train passengers to raise their voices, let alone call out to strangers, which makes the student’s act stand out so much and all the more uplifting for everyone to hear.

By - Mujo.