Japan’s summer is known to be sweltering, especially in July and August. It can be uncomfortable for tourists not acclimated to the high humidity, but the same goes for natives.

Summer in Japan is also famous for the cicadas, called semi in Japanese, which emerge after the rainy season.

Their buzzing is often depicted in Japanese anime and movies as a quintessential sound of summer.

They’re pretty much harmless. Just watch your step as you may find dead ones scattered on the ground.

Who Screamed Louder?

"This is the most I’ve screamed this summer."

Twitter user Miyon (@gomimiyon) posted a video on her account with this caption.

Summer can bring some strange and scary experiences. Maybe partly because people stay out late at night.

But in Miyon’s case, her traumatic experience happened in the comfort of her home in broad daylight.

Miyon was playing with her cat on her balcony when this happened…

Peeking out of her cat’s mouth is a cicada screaming its summer song.

The cat was pawing a cicada that had fallen on the balcony and decided to show it off to Miyon. Cats do have a habit of bringing their prey to their owners right?

Regardless of her cat’s good intentions, as her cat approached with the cicada in its jaw, Myon let out a blood curdling scream straight from a horror movie.

Reactions Around the Web

  • Sorry, but I couldn’t help burst out laughing at the incredible screaming. What a perfect video.
  • If it were me I’d probably faint after screaming.
  • The moment the owner shouted, the cat ran off. That was too funny.

It seems like many users got a kick out of Miyon’s post. It’s been viewed over 3.3 million times in just 5 days!

Miyon said she’s happy everyone is laughing at a time when there’s so much dark news.

She also posted a follow-up video of her cat continuing to play with the cicada after her initial shock subsided.

This incident may have been Miyon’s biggest scream of the summer, but it ended up making many laugh as well!

By - Mujo.