Autumn is almost here, but that doesn’t mean that the heat is going away (just yet). What it does mean though, is the reintroduction of some of Japan’s best flavours. Think roasted sweet potatoes, pumpkin and my personal favourite; Chestnut, or ‘kuri’ as they are known in Japanese.
What’s so great about these flavours is the fact that they are the perfect flavours for almost anything. I’m talking soups, drinks, stews, cakes, jellies – you name it, and these flavours go!

So with the heat and humidity (quite literally) sticking around for at least a few more weeks, my recommendation is to chomp down on some super tasty treats, in order to feel the slightest bit human again.

High up on my pudding priority list this autumn is Haagen Daz’s brand new Chestnut Custard Tart ice bar! To me, that sounds like heaven on an ice cream stick.

Honestly, I’m not sure an ice cream bar can get much better than this – held together by a cookie-studded chestnut chocolate coating, a rich custard ice cream envelopes sweet chestnut sauce that oozes with flavour from the very first bite.
A word of warning though, the chestnut coating and sauce of this ice cream bar contains alcohol; a drop of rum enhances the rich chestnut flavour.

You know what else is great about this ice cream bar? According to Haagen Daz, it will be sticking around for winter too! (Guess what I’ll be having for my christmas pudding this year [too early for christmas references? My apologies.])

Haagen-Dazs Bar Chestnut Tart

Price: 319 yen
Release Date: 31 August 2021
Volume: 80ml
Available from: Supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores nationwide
Ingredients: Chestnut chocolate coating featuring rum liquor, cream, fat-free condensed milk, chestnut sauce featuring rum liquor, sugar, custard paste, buttery tart cookie pieces, egg yolk, caramel powder, vanilla fragrance, vegetable emulsifier

If, like me, 31 August sounds too long a wait for some super tasty ice cream, check out Haagen Daz’s summer release; Caramel Party, which will be on shelves for a limited time only!

By - Connie Sceaphierde.