For a few years now, Japanese cat lovers on Twitter have been sharing the hashtag #猫の写真へたくそ選手権, which translates to "poorly taken photos of cats championship". The "championship" has yielded some truly hilarious unfortunately timed photography of cats in their not so photogenic moments.

While not officially shared under the hashtag, a recent photo posted on the Twitter account of Spay Clinic Kitakyushu (@Spaykitaq), a clinic specializing in neutering stray cats and finding forever homes for them, may be a strong candidate for years to come.

The clinic shared a photo of an adorable black kitten that slipped under its own wobbly legs, and well, the photo is perfectly timed to look like a comedy manga panel!

Source: @Spaykitaq

The blurring of the cat's entire form except for a shocked look of realization that could be dubbed over with "so you're probably wondering how I got here" has thousands chiming in with laughs, with some chiming in and comparing the blurry kitty to Soot Sprites from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away.

Like all cats, however, the little kitten is a bit too proud to be laughed at after a mistake, and even hid and peered around the corner with an expression that seems to say "I hope nobody saw that..."

By - Big Neko.