With all the adorable quirks and charming personality traits we adore them for, it would be a bit fair that to say that there are two types of dogs in this world. However, as many dog lovers know, it does often appear that there are two types of canine companions.

A video shared by Japanese Twitter user @shiba48love and their beloved 6-year-old shiba inu Ginji might help explain that feeling. @shiba48love recently took Ginji to a dog run facility nearly an hour's drive from their home, hoping Ginji would enjoy some playful exercise outdoors.

Unfortunately, it appears there was quite a gap between Ginji's take on the dog run and the two other doggos at the establishment!

As you can see, while Ginji seems to be listening to the commotion behind him, he's completely uninterested in helping the dog run live up to its name, and instead would prefer to relax.

Ginji's owner writes that the shiba didn't budge one step the entire time they spent at the place, and that he's a very laidback dog that has never been quite so sure how to interact with dogs that he meets for the first time. Since none of his familiar friends were there, he decided to just park himself and sit.

The post was filled with comments of sympathetic dog owners who know the feeling all too well, especially after a drive, as well as many acknowledgements of Ginji as a good boy since every dog has fun in their own way. Hopefully the next time he goes he'll see some of his friends, though!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.