From the 1st of July 2021, Yunokawa Onsen’s luxury hotel Bōrō NOGUCHI Hakodate started a plan that includes a tour at the Jōmon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Due to the actual situation, it is better to avoid crowds and public transport as much as possible; therefore, the hotel came up with a plan that allows the visitors to visit the area more safely.

Guests will travel by taxi to the Hakodate Jōmon Culture Center and the Jōmon Romance Road Station and explore the archaeological sites from there.

Thanks to this plan, tourists will discover Jōmon culture and the national treasures from this period: the hollow clay figures known as 中空土偶 chūkū dogū.

The tour also includes two other Jōmon sites in its vicinity: the Ōfuna 大船 and Kakinoshima 垣ノ島 sites, both offering visitors splendid views in addition to historical insights and knowledge of the period.

The price is reasonable. In addition to the fascinating tours, you get to enjoy delicious and luxurious meals, hot springs, and a city blessed with beautiful sights and abundant nature.

Related information

The plan includes a tour lasting 180 minutes of the archaeological site (one car per room).
※Please note that the taxi ride is available from the second day of your stay.
※Prices may vary depending on the date and the number of guests.

Tour schedule:
Hotel Departure ⇒ Hakodate Jōmon Culture Center ⇒ Kakinoshima Site ⇒ Ōfuna Site ⇒ Arrive at either the hotel or Hakodate.

For more information, check the official website (see below).

For those who would like to use the taxi with a different route or plan, you can contact the hotel in advance via email or the links below:


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