According to a recent press release, marketing company Legs oversaw the opening of a Disney themed event at the OH MY CAFE in Tokyo from July 30, 2021, in Osaka from August 4, and in Nagoya from August 12. The limited-time cafe is based on the Disney movie Tangled. At the cafe, fans of the franchise can enjoy unique—and photogenic—menu items. The cafe naturally has several souvenirs and memorabilia available for purchase, all based on the movie.

For those not in the know, the animated film Tangled was released by Disney in 2010. It was the 50th feature-length animation released by the entertainment giant. The cafe aims to create an immersive atmosphere incorporating the theme of "inside the tower." This, of course, refers to the tower where Rapunzel was held for 18 years. The cafe is also decorated to highlight the heroine's interests, such as painting, cooking, and music.

Special gifts

Visitors who make a reservation and order food during their visit will receive an original placemat. The placemat comes in four patterns; however, you, unfortunately, can not choose the design.

Customers who make purchases of over 3,850 JPY will be able to receive Rapunzel-themed paper bags. Available only while supplies last.

Cafe goers who place menu orders will receive individually packaged soap.

Menu items and other goods

A sandwich plate complete with hair ornaments (2,189 JPY). As you can see, this is inspired by Rapunzel's famously beautiful hair. If you're hesitant to eat "hair," the accompany purple soup—inspired by her dress—will help wash it down.

Shining lantern curry dish (1,969 JPY). This curry is inspired by scenes between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, who fall in love on a boat floating among mysterious lights.

Room wear (4,400 JPY) and Eco bags (2,035 JPY). Spending all that time in your room, it's best to be relaxed. This comfortable room wear is just what the occasion calls for. The eco bag, on the other hand, is entirely reusable.

Key chain (660 JPY) and Mask cases (550 JPY). Rapunzel's mask case makes every day a little happier, and these cute key chains can also help lift one’s spirits.

Online reaction

Disney is perenially popular in Japan, so it’s no wonder that the OH MY CAFE has been widely discussed on Twitter:

"I went to the Rapunzel Cafe in Harajuku! I recommend the Rapunzel hair pasta!"

"Souvenirs from the Rapunzel Cafe are too cute… I'm looking at them with a smile."

"This is the Rapunzel Cafe I went to last week! It was dreamlike. I want to go there at least once more."

"Today I went to the Rapunzel Cafe. The tomatoes, apples, and sandwiches were delicious! I like Eugene, so I chose the Eugene drink. Thank you for this handsome guy!"

"I came to the Rapunzel Cafe and was surrounded by the pictures she drew! I'm too happy"

If you’re a fan of the franchise, why not check the cafe out as well. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.