The multiplayer social deduction game ‘Among Us’ was the sleeper hit video game of 2020. Although it was originally released in 2018, the game gained significant traction two years later due to the exposure from popular Twitch streamers in the west and for being a simple game that kept human interaction flowing during the pandemic.

Even in Japan where Japanese games reign supreme, Among Us defied odds and rose in popularity. Upon closer look, the patterns that lead to this were similar to how it was in the west: VTubers -- Japan’s answer to Twitch streamers -- often did live streams of Among Us games to their millions of subscribers.

This naturally gave way to a growth in interest, and although the game didn’t get an official Japanese version until early 2021, Among Us’ simple mechanics and reliance on visual cues meant that it was simply a matter of playing a few rounds to get the hang of things.

To add to the list of undeniable proof that shows that the game has made it in Japan, the popular novelty store, Village Vanguard, has added Among Us figures to their product lineup.

There are six variations based on some of the skins that players can personalize their crewmembers with. The figures fit in the palm of your hand and are soft enough to be squeezed as well.

One figure is priced at 1,045 yen, however, the figures are randomized and you are unable to choose from the available designs. For more information, you can check out Village Vanguard’s Japanese product page.

By - Jen Laforteza.