Châteraisé (シャトレーゼ) is a food manufacturer headquartered in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

The Japanese patisserie, which offers a variety of sweets at reasonable prices, has many fans.

A recent interaction between a Châteraisé employee and customer has gotten a lot of attention on Twitter.

When LODOSS (@_LODOSS_) posted a story on Twitter about an incident at Châteraisé, people responded with comments such as, "Same here" and "This is the best!"

To buy a certain product, LODOSS pointed at the showcase and said to the clerk, "Please give me one of these cakes." However, the clerk did not seem to know which cake.

So LODOSS explained to the clerk, "It's this chocolate-like cake."

However, since there are many chocolate sweets at Châteraisé, the clerk asked back, "Can you name the product?"

LODOSS had been trying not to say the name of the product until now, but shopkeeper asked for the specific name so left with no choice, he called out…


Reproduced with permission from _LODOSS_ (@_LODOSS_)

LODOSS captioned the image with his conversation with the shop staff saying, "That’s a tough product name for an old man haha."

The Châteraisé product that LODOSS had a hard time saying the name of was "Kawaii Kuma-chan," or "Cute Bear."

It is a popular product, but the cute name might have taken some courage for an adult man to say out loud in public…

In response to this embarrassing exchange, some people on the Internet said, "I was blown away. I asked for it by pointing too!" and "It's cute and delicious!" as well as their own embarrassing stories at ice cream and sweet shops.

Luckily, according to LODOSS, "I feel stronger now. It was so delicious!"

Châteraisé's sweets may appeal to people of all ages. Perhaps they should number their products so customers won’t have this issue in the future.

By - Mujo.