In marijuana-strict Japan, CBD products have surprisingly experienced traction in recent years. grape Japan previously covered such items, whose purported health benefits make them popular among stressed-out consumers seeking the assistance of natural remedies.

Japone Sound announced a new CBD-infused bath salt earlier this summer. The product incorporates Pharma Hemp's CBD crystal powder and organic mugwort. As mentioned in a summer press release, the powder finally hit shelves in August of this year.

The blend has been labeled the "Organic CBD & Mugwort Herb Bath Tokyo Blend.” Importantly, it is a bath salt containing only natural ingredients and no pesticide-residues. The product's mix of CBD extract and mugwort—which enhances dreams—aims to revitalize weary consumers while helping them to relax. According to the press release, the product is well-tested, highly acclaimed, and affordable.

Helping users relax

This recent product release was inspired by a Japone staffer who had recently experienced a difficult pregnancy and given birth. According to some herbalists, mugwort may be beneficial to women who are experiencing discomfort following a pregnancy. A pesticide-free option was also helpful for the situation. Moreover, Japone staffers were confident in incorporating high-quality organic mugwort powder, which is used for supplements in Europe and across the United States.

Fortunately, the staffer gave birth safely, but she experienced insomnia, skin problems, stress, and other issues. That said, the CBD-mugwort powder helped relieve her of her ailments following childbirth. The product became a hot topic among other staff members, and the Japone Sound eventually decided to commercialize it.

CBDs and Japan

CBD is a type of cannabinoid or a bioactive substance that is usually found in marijuana. As a matter of fact, cannabis plants contain more than 100 types of cannabinoids, the most famous of which are THC and CBD. Obviously, THC has psychoactive and intoxicating effects, the reason behind its strict prohibition in the land of the rising sun.

Unlike THC, however, CBDs do not produce a psychoactive effect. Moreover, numerous studies have documented their beneficial effects on inflammation, autonomic nervous system regulation, epilepsy, nervousness, and more. Finally, CBDs have been recognized as medically effective by WHO and are not illegal in Japan.

Twitter reactions

"Heads up! Japan's first CBD bath salt! This collaborative product will change how you take baths. It includes only natural ingredients, the highest grade CBD crystal powder, and an environmentally friendly design.

Japone Sound naturally took to Twitter to advertise their new product. The post gained several likes as well as comments from followers. Fans of the product reacted:

  • "This seems great.”
  • “This looks like a nice bath item”

If you’re interested in checking out the product for yourself, please find more information available on the Japone Sound website.

By - Luke Mahoney.