Japanese Twitter user and cat owner @NEKOLAND13 lives with his two beloved cats. He recently shared a perfectly timed photo of one of those cats, Emma-chan, that is receiving a lot of comedic viral attention.

According to NEKOLAND13, his family has a fish tank at home where they keep their pet fish.

One day, the wife caught one of the cats, Emma-chan getting a little too friendly with the fish…

Source: @NEKOLAND13

Source: @NEKOLAND13

Busted! Emma chan froze like a criminal caught redpawed in the act.

It was so obvious from this scene that she was causing trouble. The hilarious captured moment has received a lot of comments such as “she couldn’t get away with it when caught like this” ,“Her face, though! It’s hysterical.”

By the way, Emma-chan apparently booked it right after this photo was taken.

Although she was caught before the crime was committed, it is evident that she was totally going to go through with something from this photo! Next time, she may not be able to run away from it, either!

NEKOLAND13 also posts funny videos of his cats on YouTube, if you are interested make sure to check it out!

By - Mugi.