Much like Kit Kats, Pringles potato chips in Japan come in a wide variety of seasonally and regionally limited edition flavors. Over the years we've seen Fish & Chips, karaage, and sukiyaki recreated as Pringles potato chips. Just recently we even saw Sour Cream and Onion Pringles turned into instant noodles.

However, many of these creative flavors are only available for limited runs. The standard trio of flavors almost always guaranteed to be available on a convenience store or supermarket shelf are Umashio (Tasty Salt), and CHEEEEEESE (four types of cheese), and Sour Cream and Onion.

Pretty soon those staple three flavors will be welcoming a convenience store-exclusive fourth, which just so happens to be quite the popular Japanese snack in itself: nori seaweed!

The official name of the new Pringles flavor is "Otsumami Nori" (Snack Nori) is also key. While there are many Japanese chips that use nori-flavored salt, these chips make use of the flavorful umami-packed nori you find in bowls of ramen bowls or wrapping your favorite onigiri rice balls, and in this case, actually kneads that nori into the chips themselves, resulting in a deeper flavor and less stained fingers.

The new Otsumami Nori Pringles, which feature a label showing off the crunchy nori "in the chip" to illustrate the kneading method, will go on sale as a convenience store exclusive in Japan starting August 30th.

By - Big Neko.