Japanese online retailer Felissimo offers quite the catalogue of cute and quirky animal goods, but lately they've been building up an equally creative and realistic offering of bags and accessories modeled after Japan's favorite foods. Sticky and slimy natto pen cases, ramen bath towels, and even fried chicken pillows with sizzling ASMR are just a few of the delicious looking food goods they've cooked up in recent years.

Their latest food-inspired accessory brings a transforming feature to the mix: an Omelette Rice pouch that recreates cutting open a perfectly cooked omelette.

Omelette Rice, or omurice as it is called for short, is a fried rice-stuffed egg omelette typically served with a dollop of ketchup. When perfectly prepared, omurice looks to have a hard and round exterior that cuts open to reveal a glossy or "fluffy" overflow of eggs, like so:

Slide the knife-shaped charm, and the zipper opens to reveal a fluffy egg inside. The ketchup on the surface is printed realistically and even the glossy texture is reproduced.

The egg's realistic fluffy texture is reproduced by the spiral-shaped fur fabric. It comes with an elastic band that can hold five pens or cosmetics.

The Fluffy Omelette Rice Pouch can be ordered from Felissimo's online Japanese store, as well as it's international shop.

By - Big Neko.