The imagery we refer to as a sea of clouds typically only happens when all the climate conditions are fulfilled at the same time.

The sight of the sea of clouds surrounding the mountains is majestic, and there’s something to it that speaks to your soul.

Japanese Twitter user and photographer Bee (@bee_tk_) recently shared a shot of Mt. Fuji from afar perfectly captures the imagery of a sea of clouds.

Needless to say, the combination of Mt.Fuji and the swirling clouds at various levels is beautiful, but it is also the colors that we’d like to point out. Take a look at this breathtaking photo.

Source: @bee_tk

The clouds hovering over the mountains contain the mixture of colors like ones on a painting palette.

The contrast of the colors between the mountains and the sea of clouds is so stunning no words cannot describe.

A photo that captured a moment during sunrise, where the night and morning coexist for a fraction of time, received many comments praising its beauty.

"This is too beautiful. It’s so magnificent it’s making me cry."

"Out of all the Mt. Fuji photos I’ve seen in the past, this touched me the most."

"Incredible… I cannot believe this is a photo!"

It is a photo that captures a miraculous moment of nature. Perhaps, it moved so many people because it is a such rare sight for us to be able to see, too.

By - Mugi.