There's just something about Totoro, the large and furry icon of Studio Ghibli's beloved film My Neighbor Totoro, that seems to translate perfectly into the culinary world. In the past, we've seen the charming Hayao Miyazaki character turned into gourmet soba noodles, adorable cream puffs, and artistic cookie sets.

Given the fluffy nature of the charming forest dweller, a loaf of bread might just be the perfect food to replicate Totoro. Fortunately, Japanese baking artist izuyo0719 was up to the task, and recently hit the challenge out of the park with by using shokupan (fluffy white bread, usually served as breakfast toast in Japan).

izuyo0719 didn't just bake a loaf of bread and decorate it as Totoro however. The talented baker added a "looks can be deceiving" twist to the Ghibli loaf that reveals itself when you carve into the bread...

The outer Totoro has a straight-faced expression, but that quickly transforms into the character's classic Cheshire grin in even clearer quality when the loaf is sliced open. At 26cm, it's quite the hefty loaf befitting of the big fluffy Totoro.

That's just one of the amazing artistic loaves of bread izuyo0719 has baked up, which include Pokemon, Anpanman, and even famous works of Japanese art. Be sure to follow on Instagram and check out some outstanding samples below.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.