The Izu Marriott Hotel Shūzenji is offering a special plan from September 1st to November 30th, 2021, pairing accommodations with a dinner including a variety of local ingredients, with a spotlight on venison (鹿 shika in Japanese) ethically sourced from culled deer native to the Izu Peninsula. In a play on words combining shika and エシカル eshikaru (the Japanese rendering of 'ethical' in the katakana phonetic syllabary), the hotel is calling it the "Izu-Shikal Dinner Stay."


In response to increasing damage to crops and nature, Izu City has been culling deer living in the forests and mountains of its municipality and making effective use of them as food. Inspired by these efforts, the Izu Marriott Hotel Shūzenji organized the "Izu-Shikal Dinner Stay" plan, the centerpiece of which is a dinner featuring culled Izu venison and other local produce. The main course of the dinner is the Izu Venison Standing Loin Rib Roast, marinated in salt kōji for tenderness. The roast is low in gaminess, high in protein, low in fat, and high in iron, making it a must-try dish for the health-conscious. The rest of the menu is available in a semi-buffet style, with a selection of dishes created by Izu Marriott Hotel Shūzenji's chef from seasonal ingredients sourced from Izu's abundant mountain and sea produce. The overarching theme is "ethical sourcing" valuing local production and local consumption.

The "Izu-Shikal Dinner Stay" plan offers guests an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant autumn trip, comfortable accommodations, and delicious food sourced in a manner that is kind to the local community and the environment.


Main dish:

  • Izu Venison Standing Loin Rib Roast with Seasonal Vegetables and Wasabi Sauce


  • Appetizer, Salad, Soup
  • Marinated Izu Wild Boar Bologna and Mushrooms with Early Harvest Mandarin Oranges
  • Mascarpone with Izu Miso and Autumn Whitebait
  • Suruga and Sagami Bay Seafood "Hama-yaki" (Turban in the Shell, Dried Horse Mackerel and Pike) grilled at your table
  • Paella with Suruga Bay Seafood and Fuji no Kuni Ikikidori (a local Shizuoka Prefeceture branded chicken)
  • Fisherman's "Ikendani" Hotpot from Southern Izu Peninsula
  • Sesame Tofu Made with Tanna milk and Ginkgo Nuts Seasoned in Kinzanji Miso

Hotel-made desserts:

  • Beni Haruka Sweet Potatoes Harvested in Mishima (west of the Hakone mountain range)
  • White Wine Mousse Made with Nakaizu Wineries' "Chateau TS" and Grape Gelée
  • Mont Blanc
  • etc.

Accommodation plan

  • Period: September 1st to November 30th, 2021
  • Description: Stay in one of seven types of rooms, including a Premier Room with outdoor hot spring bath (49.4 m2) and a Superior Room (31.2 m2) where you can stay with your dog, enjoy the Izu-Shikal Dinner and Breakfast at the hotel's restaurant.
  • Rates: From 26,040 JPY per person (based on double occupancy), including service charges and tax. (Bath tax charged separately, separate accommodation fee for dogs)
  • For more information, contact the Izu Marriott Hotel Shūzenji by phone at 0558-72-1311 or visit their website here.

SDG Initiatives

The Izu Marriott Hotel Shūzenji aims to contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a variety of ethical consumption initiatives that take into consideration people, society, and the global environment:

  • Use and provision of local ingredients in restaurants
  • Sales of souvenir products made from local ingredients
  • Reducing the use of plastic products
  • Thorough garbage separation and recycling
  • Calling for eco-friendly cleaning for guests who stay for consecutive nights
  • Conducting workshops to make spoons using thinned wood
  • Etc.

Measures against the novel coronavirus

The Izu Marriott Hotel Shūzenji has implemented thorough infection control measures for the safety and the peace of mind of its guests and staff.

Measures in public spaces:

  • Installation of alcohol disinfectant in lobbies, restaurants, restrooms, etc.
  • Disinfection of doorknobs, elevator buttons, and other areas frequently touched by guests

Initiatives for hotel staff:

  • Daily temperature checks and other health checks
  • Staff are required to stay home if they have a fever of 37.0°C or higher or are not feeling well
  • Protocols implemented to manage the health status of employees and their standards of behavior in the event of ill health, etc.

Requests to all guests:

  • Guests and visitors are requested to wear a mask and disinfect their hands with alcohol when they arrive at the hotel

For more information, visit the Izu Marriott Hotel Shūzenji's official website here.


  • Address (JP): 〒410-2415静岡県伊豆市大平1529
  • Address (EN): 1529 Ōdaira, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2415

By - Ben K.