As you may already know, Japanese fruits are famous for their high quality. There are many refreshing fruits to enjoy in summer, especially the ones which are juicy and aromatic. White peaches (Prunus persica) have a creamy pinkish-white flesh that is sweeter to taste and lower in acidity than their yellow-fleshed cousins.

If you're in the mood for some mouth-watering white peaches, and you live in the Tokyo area, you're in luck!

In the months of September and October, 2021, Nex-area Cityfood, Co., Ltd. will add the "Peach Burger" and "Peach Shake" at their gourmet hamburger and sandwich restaurants, Homework's Hiroo, Homework's Azabu Juban and The Pantry Marunouchi.

Peach Burger

Their "Peach Burger" is made from succulent Japanese white peaches which have a rich aroma and flavor. Combining a 100% beef patty, cottage cheese, and sweet, gently grilled white peaches, it's a delicious taste combination.

  • 90 g (1/5 lb.) patty: 1,300 JPY
  • 150 g (1/3 lb.) patty: 1,600 JPY
  • 240 g (1/2 lb.) patty: 2,060 JPY

Peach Shake

The "Peach Shake" is based on their popular vanilla shake and features a generous amount of white peaches. Enjoy the rich vanilla and the gentle sweetness of white peach puree and a generous amount of white peach chunks.

  • Price: 940 JPY
  • Prices above are exclusive of tax

    • Sales period: September 1st to October 31st, 2021
    • Availability: Homework's Hiroo, Homework's Azabu Juban, The Pantry Marunouchi
    • (Please note that stores may close due to the spread of the novel coronavirus)
    • Websites: Homework's, The Pantry

By - grape Japan editorial staff.