Anime fans are often able to enjoy seeing some of their favorites when enjoying their coffee in Japan, with characters from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Neon Genesis Evangelion periodically showing up when they gran a can of coffee from a vending machine or convenience store. But with a series as long-running as mega popular as anime and manga One Piece, more than just a few cans are needed to cover such a huge cast of characters.

That's why Asahi's Wonda coffee brand (which previously combined Japanese rock legend Yoshiki with Attack on Titan) made is opening up pretty much their entire lineup of flavors to feature 44 different One Piece character designs.

The standard Wonda Morning Shot lineup will feature 12 designs of the Straw Hat Crew members, along with the Going Merry and Thousand Sunny.

Meanwhile, the low sugar Kin no Bito series will feature a rogue's gallery of the Seven Lords of the Sea, CP9, Charlotte Katakuri, as well as Kozuki Oden and Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi.

Wonda Morning Shot Black will feature current and former Four Emperor members (most fittingly Blackbeard), the Revolutionary Army, and key Marine enforcements Kizaru, Smoky, and Coby.

Their three-time roasted coffee bean variety will be highlighted by, you guessed it, flame-based characters such as Ace, Akainu, Sabo, Marco, and Kinemon.

Finally, Wonda's larger bottles of Morning Shot, slightly sweetened, and café au lait will feature the Straw Hat Crew in their Wano Kuni clothing.

Wonda's One Piece character canned and bottled coffee will be released nationwide at vending machines, convenience stores, and supermarkets beginning in early September.

By - Big Neko.