Kōsuke Saitō 斎藤公輔, otherwise known as NEKOPLA, is a writer and an embedded systems engineer who enjoys creating electronic gadgets. He also enjoys photography and is particularly fond of air conditioning ducts.

His whimsical gadgets have gotten noticed and retweeted before, but one of the recent creations that he posted on his Twitter account has gone viral with over 235,000 likes and 50,000 retweets at the time of writing.

As you can see, the gadget doesn't serve any practical function, but it does create quite a unique effect:

"I made a gadget that turns anything you stick it to into a 'wind-up' device"

For example, here's a wind-up toaster...

Reproduced with permission from NEKOPLA斎藤 (@kawausokawauso)

...a wind-up washing machine...

Reproduced with permission from NEKOPLA斎藤 (@kawausokawauso)

...a wind-up motorcycle...

Reproduced with permission from NEKOPLA斎藤 (@kawausokawauso)

...and a wind-up fan.

Reproduced with permission from NEKOPLA斎藤 (@kawausokawauso)

You can see more in the video above.

It's battery-operated and has a motor.

Reproduced with permission from NEKOPLA斎藤 (@kawausokawauso)

The key begins turning as soon as the gadget is attached to a metallic surface, and stops turning when it's removed.

NEKOPLA also figured out a way of attaching his wind-up key to his back:

"Someone suggested I could attach a plate of metal to bike protective gear so I tried it and it worked! But it looks a bit bulky, like a wind-up security guard..."

The motorized wind-up key gadget elicited numerous comments on Twitter.

After seeing the wind-up key on NEKOPLA's back, many users were reminded of anime characters like Nano Shinonome from Nichijou, the living dolls from Rozen Maiden or the children's anime Zenmai Zamurai, featuring a samurai with a wind-up key on his head.

There were also comments expressing admiration for the gadget, such as:

  • "I really want it! It's useless, but I want it."
  • "I want to put it on a car!"
  • "The wind-up air conditioner is eco-friendly?"
  • "It's so cute. If it ever becomes a product, I'd buy it."
  • "Where can I buy one?"

For the time being, there's no word on it turning into a product you can buy, but NEKOPLA has been involved with Tokyo Flip-Flop where some of the gadgets are available for purchase.

In the meantime, you can check out NEKOPLA's creative activities and his photos of objects from everyday city life on his Twitter account.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.