Ring Fit Adventure is a popular Nintendo Switch game that allows you to get into a real fitness routine during fun and addicting gameplay.

Twitter user Enuwata (@nwata1122) shared his physical transformation after playing Ring Fit for 4 months.

Reproduced with permission from えぬわた@リングフィットRTA (@nwata1122)

"A clear picture of how long it took me to get in shape for the Ring Fit RTA. 4 months apart."http://pic.twitter.com/yd3uSaynJy

The photo on the left is when he first started playing Ring Fit. The photo on the right shows his progress after 4 months.

You can see that his pectoral muscles, arms, thighs, and other parts of his body are all well-developed! As the Japanese say when someone is ripped, he’s "ムキムキ!"

According to Enuwata, "I work out with Ring Fit five days a week, and spend the other two days going to the gym and resting. "

He spends four hours on Ring Fit on weekdays and eight hours on weekends.

Many people were surprised by Enuwata's progress in just 4 months.

  • You’ve come so far in 4 months!
  • Your whole body is getting bigger!
  • You look like a different person now!

As of August 2021, Enuwata is 163 cm tall, weighs 68 kg, and has 12% body fat.

He can bench press a barbell loaded with 120 kg and do 120 push-ups in 3 minutes!

He can even walk 50 meters on his hands!

Enuwata reveals the changes that came from working out

RingFit has a competition called "RTA (Real Time Attack)" where players compete to see how fast they can complete the game.

On August 15, 2021, Enuwata participated in the "RTA in Japan Summer 2021" online competition in the Ring Fit category.

The course he competed in required him to tackle the first stage up to the last boss battle at level 30, the maximum exercise load setting.

In the competition, Enuwata recorded a new world record with a time of 17 minutes and 00 seconds.

Although he didn't reach the 16 minutes and 53 seconds he had set in practice before the competition, he surpassed his old best record of 17 minutes and 52 seconds set at the time of application.

Enuwata was asked about his thoughts on Ring Fit and why he started working out.

Why are you working out now?

The only reason I'm working out now is for "Ring Fit RTA".

I started Ring Fit because there was a time when I couldn't go to the gym due to a coronary heart attack.

Since you started working out and gain muscle, did people start to look at you differently?

I used to get made fun of for my height and often got into fights with trouble-makers and drunks.

However, after I started working out, even if some drunk guy wanted to start trouble, one of his friends would tell him to back off, saying, "He’s too big. Let’s leave him alone."

What are your thoughts on your current record?

I was usually under 17 minutes during practice so I felt a little frustrated with my record.

But people around me were excited, so I’m satisfied with the event.

Of those who watched the competition that was streamed online, some said that he was "too muscular" and that "his muscles were so big that he would have to pay property tax."

However, Enuwata is not satisfied with his current situation and says he will continue to work out in the future.

By - Mujo.