Most large summer events and festivals in Japan, including much anticipated fireworks shows, have been cancelled as a preventative measure due to the ongoing pandemic.

For those who look forward to those seasonal events to enjoy the summer, it’s been an adjustment to say the least.

Every year in August, Hatsuka city holds a firework event called “Miyajima underwater fireworks”. You can see the fireworks in the background sky of the famous World Heritage Site, Itsukushima Shrine.

Despite the popularity of the event, it has been unfortunately decided to cancel the event permanently, as a preventative strategy regarding covid, and securing a safe seating area for the event was deemed impossible. This made the event held in 2019 he very last year of this event.

In light of this cancellation of the event, Japanese photographer Ryogo Urata (Ryogo_Urata) posted a photo from a past event on Twitter. This is one breath-taking photo… take a look!

Source: @Ryogo_Urata

With the world’s heritage Torii gate (Shinto shrine gate) in the front, the sky is filled with countless numbers of large fireworks in many different colors. The scale is overwhelming even from the photo.

It is unfortunate that we can no longer see this amazing sight of this firework festival.

There were so many people touched by this photo, and left comments:

“I was so touched”, “It made me happy just by looking at this photo” ,“It was so beautiful, I cried”.

In mid-August 2021, there was much heavy rain continuously recorded throughout Japan. This could unfortunately cancel or postpone other firework events and festivals.

Hopefully, one day we can watch beautiful fireworks like this again in person, soon!

By - Mugi.