Fujihisa Co. holds workshops where visitors can make members of various Sylvanian Families. Sylvanian Families is a series of dolls and dollhouses centered on cute animals living in the make-believe village of Sylvania. Since its inception in 1985, it has been popular with children and adults alike.

Fujihisa's recent workshop, their so-called "Pop-up Park," offers fans a real-life opportunity to partake in the magic. The workshop is intended for parents and children to enjoy together, and it will run from August 7th to September 20th a recent press release noted.

There, visitors can make clothes for previously purchased Sylvanian Families dolls. Instructions feature several outfit types that rotate on a set schedule. On weekdays, the workshop hosts several other activities for fans of the series, such as arranging and trying on various outfits.

During weekends, however, the workshop steps things up into high gear. The typical activities surrounding clothing are available, and fans can also partake in making dioramas and other artistic items. Overall, the workshop is intended for creative fans interested in arts and crafts and working creatively in the future.

The workshop is modestly priced at 1,000 JPY per visit. Commemorative photos are also available, so die-hard fans should bring their favorites dolls to pose with.

Online reactions

Naturally, the Sylvanian Family “Pop-up Park” is trending on Twitter and other social media outlets. The event began in August, so many have already had a chance to visit and participate. Many shared their reactions online:

"Sylvanian Families are so cute. The pop-up shop is also nice! It’s just like some heart-warming world."

"It was too cute and I had to buy it! The Sylvanian Families pop-up store was fun, but I wanted to see more exhibitions..."

"I went to the Sylvanian Families pop-up shop at Tokyo station! I couldn’t find the Nakayoshi Osanpo Duck Triplets Set I was looking for, so I'll have to check another shop."

"I passed by the Sylvanian Families pop-up park at Tokyo station. It looks sweet. I want to go when it's open."

"I heard that a Sylvanian Families pop-up store is open near where I work. I felt so nostalgic when I visited it during my break. I bought some dolls while saying, 'They’re cute.’ I will decorate them!"

"I went to the Sylvanian Family pop-up shop! I bough a glass souvenir there! lol"

"Do you think it’s weird that I’m in my 50s and love Sylvanian Families? Is it strange to go shopping alone at the pop-up shop? Sometimes I feel like people are looking… How much do I spend each year buying all the new products? And if I include the price of what I bought online? Well, maybe I should stop thinking so much."

Sylvanian Families seem to attract the same type of die-hard fans as Barbie and others. Perhaps this is because that, for many fans, the dolls are deeply nostalgic. For those interested, visiting the pop-up shop may be a great way to end the summer.

By - Luke Mahoney.