Kawabe & Co. has released a colorful and very cute mask box set! The mask is embossed with Doraemon and features a casual design that is easy—and fun—for adults as well as children to use. According to a recent press release, The twenty-four included masks are made in Japan and individually wrapped so they can be used comfortably without the need to worry about hygiene.

Box design

Fans of the Doraemon are well-acquainted with the dokodemo doa, the "go-anywhere door." As the name suggests, it transports users to magical new places.

There’s also a benefit for collecting several packages. A playful design can be made by stacking several together.

Naturally, Doraemon takes out the magical tools he keeps in his 4D pocket. Again, this is a staple feature of the show that fans will be familiar with.

Finally, a fourth design is simple and stylish. With several designs to choose from, certainly there is one for everyone who enjoys the show. Moreover, the masks they contain are more than a little handy. The product deets are:

  • Mask size: 160mm x 95mm
  • Box size: 210 mm x 120 mm x 90 mm
  • Price: 1,980 JPY
  • Quantity: 24 masks

Gathering traction online

Unsurprisingly, the product is popular, and many are using their Doraemon masks. See for yourself:

"Doraemon masks. Each one has a small Doraemon emblem! They’re too cute."

"The Doraemon masks made by Kawabe & Co. have arrived! The box is cute, they are all cute!!!"

"I got the Doraemon masks. The box is cute, but the emblemized mask is still casual so even an old man like can use it at work."

"I bought the cute Doraemon masks the box case all my friends posted on SNS! I bought a Doraemon mask and a mask box case. You find a Doraemon mask if you open the go-anywhere door. Also, there are masks in Doraemon’s 4D pocket. How convenient."

"A super cute thing has arrived! It's Doraemon mask box. The anywhere door actually opens, and the mask is Doraemon-designed. They’re too cute to use…"

Other Doraemon masks

Indeed, Doraemon is perenially popular in Japan and abroad. It’s no surprise that other Doraemon masks can be spotted online:

"A Doraemon face mask that I used a long time ago. This is a selfie from hell. I'm scared to see it now."

Sure enough, anyone would be spooked to suddenly see this mask. By the way, this mask is sold by Isshindo Honpo (https://www.isshin-do.co.jp/). In addition to Doraemon, there are also other famous manga characters like Chibi Maruko-chan and Yatterman available.

This is the first character-designed face packs sold by a Japanese company. The intention is to spread the popularity of anime characters among fans in Japan and abroad. However, whether or not it works, it is for you to decide:

"When I tried the Doraemon face pack that a customer gave me, I realized my face is too big and my forehead and chin stick out. The position of the mouth does not match the cut out at all."

By - Luke Mahoney.