A well balanced food for gamers and streamers

Hey gamers and streamers!

Are you looking for a well-balanced food you can eat with one hand?

Well, there's a perfect food product for you! It's the “Base food” series!

According to the official website, Base food contains 26 kinds of nutrition in one serving. The series has sold over 10 million packages, and includes bread, cookies, and pasta.

Base food is currently very popular among Japanese gamers and VTubers because it's easy to eat even during a livestream. Reid Shirayuki, a famous Japanese VTuber, is especially known for having been a big fan of Base bread for a long time.

The series used to be available only online through their official website, Amazon, Rakuten, and other online stores. However, I learned that they are now available at some convenience stores. So, I went to a konbini... and I witnessed a shocking scene.

What? The shelf is already almost empty!...

I bought one plain flavor for 237 yen including tax. The price varies depending on flavor and type.


The package looks like this. You can see the nutrition information printed on it.


As soon as I took it out of the package, the bread gave off a freshly-baked smell. I cut a slice to try it before heating it.

The flavor of whole-grain wheat was very strong. As I'm used to eating whole grain bread, it was delicious enough to me, but you may find it a little dry. I recommend you follow the instructions and microwave it for 20 seconds at 600 W before eating it.

Making it my own

Since it's bread, after all, I thought I'd try a few variations.

First, I tried combining some warm Base bread with prosciutto!

Heating it up makes it softer.

Even though I only ate half a sandwich with two slices of prosciutto, I felt as if I had eaten two BLT sandwiches, and I was becoming full. I could tell this is a very good snack when you're busy or during long hours of streaming.

Next, I tried the bread with apple & cinnamon jam! In order not to ruin the healthy Base bread, I chose a sugarless 100% fruit jam.

This was also really delicious! To be honest, I was already full after eating the prosciutto sandwich, but I also enjoyed this one like a dessert. It's amazing that Base bread goes well with both the salty prosciutto and the sweet jam!

If you're too busy to prepare well-balanced meals, or just want something you can eat with one hand while playing games or streaming, give it a try! They're currently giving out a 300-yen discount coupon on their official website to celebrate 10 million servings. Check it out before September 17th to get the perfect food for your hectic life!

Photos by Mochijapa


  • Official website
  • Note: You may need to use a proxy shopping service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express if you'd like to have it shipped internationally.

By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).