Have you ever thought: "I need a Japanese character voice for my YouTube videos, but I can’t find one…?”

Well, there's good news for you! As of September 29th, AHS Co., Ltd. will release Pita Goe (ピタ声), a collection of Japanese audio materials. They can be used for commercial purposes!

AHS will release ten characters, each costing 1,500 JPY*. The product name Pita Goe means a "voice which fits various scenes”. As the name indicates, each character package contains around 1,000 practical lines!

*Seika Kyōmachi 京町セイカ costs 600 JPY

A large selection of voice lines

What voice lines are included in the package?

The package includes standard lines like: "Please subscribe to our channel," "Please give us a thumbs up," "See you again!”, and “Please share my content,” which are useful for ending your videos. It also includes emotional lines like "Wow, it looks delicious!", "I won!", and “I see,” which can be used as a sound effect to make your videos fun. Of course, you can check the list for all available voice lines on the official website before you purchase the products. The files are WAV files, so it’s easy to insert them into your video files.

Let’s take a listen to some of the character voices on offer:

Shuo Asumi 彩澄しゅお

Shuo Asumi is a 10-year-old girl. Both her voice and the character design are very cute! Her hair accessories are inspired by cherry blossoms. 968 audio files for 305 lines are included in her package. Each line is read in several different tones, so you can find the best tone for your project! Shuo Asumi is voiced by Mia Sakurai 櫻井海亜.

Ririse Asumi 彩澄りりせ

Ririse Asumi is Shuo Asumi’s older sister. She is 16 years old. In her package, there are 987 audio files for 306 lines in various tones. Ririse Asumi is voiced by Kana Motomiya 本宮佳奈. Motomiya is known for voicing Misaki Shidō 紫藤美咲 from the rhythm game Love Live! School Idol Festival

Mary Mitarashi 御手師マリー

Mary Mitarashi is a cheerful girl! She is good at playing the violin, but recently she started playing the guitar. 931 audio files for 294 lines are included in her package. Mary Mitarashi is voiced by Yuina Itō 伊藤ゆいな.

Frimomen フリモメン

The characters from Pitagoe are not only pretty girls! Frimomen’s appearance is very unique, but his voice is incredibly cool! 976 audio files for 303 lines are included in his package. Frimomen is voiced by Akira Koga 古賀明.

There are six more characters available. A young male voice, a young female voice, an elderly male voice, elderly lady voice and more. Visittheir official website to find the best character voice for your projects!

About AHS Co., Ltd.

As you can see, Pitagoe is a collection of very attractive products. Japanese company AHS Inc. sells a wide range of software. Their product lineup includes VOCALOID™, Synthesizer V, Recotte Studio, CeVIO, VOICEROID, Music Maker, Movie Pro series, the Clone series, and multimedia software to store analog videos and records. Their especially well-known products are VOCALOID™ and VOICEROID covering around 22 different characters. They even have an English-speaking Vocaloid named Macne Nana マクネナナ. They are also providers of various solutions for educational purposes.


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).